DStv Decoder Comparison – Explora VS 4U HD Decoder

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DStv Decoder Comparison – Explora vs DStv HD decoder 4u

DStv installation PretoriaFirstly DStv offer two decoder options when acquiring a DStv installation. Therefore the question arises, which decoder best suits my need. Optimal TV not only supplies DStv decoders but a DStv installation service also. One of the first questions we face when consulting with our customers is therefore, which DStv decoder suits my need? Therefore DStv pricing is one of the first factors to consider and also what the decoder pricing includes. DSTV Explora or 4U HD decoder?

DStv Pricing

DStv offer a range of different packages that includes selected channel combinations. DStv pricing very from package to package. The Channel selection is pre selected by DStv. Get a glimpse of these packages and pricing on the DSTV WEBSITE.

DStv Decoder Pricing

Firstly the main difference between the two decoder options is the PVR function. PVR is a abbreviation of Personal Viewer Recorder. Therefore the main difference between the DStv Explora and the DStv HD decoder is the recording function. The recording function does affect the pricing of the DStv Explora. You are able to DStv Explora and the DStv 4U HD decoder and their pricing in our online shop. Decoder pricing for the DStv Explora decoder was R1299 and R399 for the 4u HD Decoder when writing this post.

DStv Explora Decoder Features

DSTV decoderThe DStv Explora decoder offer a recording function and pause and rewind function on live TV. To achieve this the Explora records live TV constantly and therefore allows you to pause and rewind. In addition the DStv Explora decoder allows you to set recordings from the live TV guide. These features are not available on the DStv HD decoder.

Furthermore the DStv Explora allows you to connect to the internet. Consequently increasing the Catch up and Box office offering. The Box Office and Catch up features are available on the DStv Explora decoder. It is very important to have your DStv Explora installation done correctly. Therefore we use a accredited DStv installer to install DStv Explora Decoders. Have a look at our article regarding DStv Explora installations. Optimal TV offers professional services including the following services – DStv installation Pretoria and DStv installation Centurion

Get yourself a DStv explora for sale in our online shop.

HD Decoder 4 U Features

DStv pricingThe DStv 4 U HD decoder, gives you DStv in HD. With a very reasonable decoder pricing. In addition to affordable decoder pricing. This DSTV decoder also offer a compact and durable design. Therefore this DStv decoder, is suitable for almost any application. Especially where DStv pricing is a concern.

In addition the 4U decoder is XtraView capable. This feature allows two decoders to use the same subscription. Consequently enabling two viewing environments.

It is highly recommended, that the installation is done by DStv installers. The quality of your DStv installation, will determine your DStv experience. Optimal TV offers DStv installation Pretoria and DStv repair services. For DStv installation prices Contact us now!


In conclusion, it comes down to functionality and DStv pricing. If you need the PVR function. You will therefore need the DStv Explora. To order your DStv decoder have a look at our online shop to get the latest pricing. We have a DStv decoder for sale that suits your need. In addition you can contact us to do DStv dish installation. We also have DStv installation specials that include decoders. Contact us now for assistance.


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    1. Dear Kulu

      The subscription will depend on which DStv package you are on. You can view the different DStv offerings on their website http://www.dstv.com.

      You do have an extra charge for the recordability function on the explora decoder on some packages.

      For more info and to book an installation, feel free to contact us 012 333 7772

  1. morning
    I want to know how do connect your hd 4 u decoder as exta view with your explora 2
    with a smart lmb

    1. DStv Installer

      Dear Danie

      Yes, you are able to connect your 4U decoder with a explora 2 for extra view.

      We can assist you with the installation, we operate in the Pretoria and Centurion area.

      Kindly contact our office to setup an appointment 0123337772.

      Kind regards

  2. Dear our esteemed customer’s kindly i would like to buy one between explora and explora 2. So plz i need your advice,urgently needed and also its my first time i want to buy it

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