Installation Service and Repair Service

Firstly Optimal TV supplies a professional installation and repair service. In addition to our installation service, we also render DStv installations and DStv repairs that is approved by Mulichoice.

DStv Installations

DStv installations, repair service and installers It is recommended that in addition to purchasing from our online shop. You also combine your purchase with a installation service. Consequently ensuring a great customer experience. Furthermore we invest in training and equipping our installers. Therefore the quality of our installation service is guaranteed. DStv approval is also very important when you are considering the purchase of a DSTV product. Multichoice evaluates our installers before DStv approval is granted. In conclusion this approval does guarantee a DStv installation as well as a DStv repair service of the highest standard. For more information regarding DStv and accreditation have a look at their website.

DStv Repairs

Firstly Optimal TV supplies a world class repair service. This service also includes DStv repairs and maintenance. Secondly our installers carries the latest in repair and analytic equipment. Therefore ensuring a professional and fast repair service. In addition to our installation service we also supply DStv repairs that also carries DStv approval.


The experience and also the skill of an installer determines the quality of the installation service or repair service offered. Therefore we invest in our installers. So doing we ensure high quality customer experiences. DStv accreditation also guarantees the best DStv installations and DStv repairs for our valued customers. ┬áIn addition to our in house training we also receive DStv training regularly. In conclusion the quality of our installers determines therefore the quality of our service.